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Who is Saijin, you ask? Well, that's me, Rebecca S Jack, but Saijin is my pen name, and it means "to worship all things" or in my own words, to honor all things and to find the good in everything. Allow the sacredness of all to come forth. The word is associated with kanji, the sacred items found in a temple or shrine.

I share with you that I am a member of The Sabian Assembly, a group founded by Dr. Marc Edmund Jones on October 17, 1923. I learned of the group after being introduced to the Sabian Symbols at Kepler College of Astrological Arts. I fell in love, passionately, with this mandala of astrological symbols, and desired to learn more about Dr. Marc Edmund Jones, who, along with the help of Elsie Wheeler, had developed them. I was thrilled to find this group of others, who like me were seekers of "the competent rather than the easy answers to life's problems." Since 2008 I have been affiliated with this group of people. The core bond is our "seeking" though to each is their free will and self-determined discovery of life's mysteries. I invite you to learn more about them at

My own path continued in working ever more closely with the Sabian Symbols. One of the outcomes was a book, On the Shoulders of Giants which is a research work based on the symbols in their arrangements as the 4-pointed model or cross and the five-pointed model or star, and another project is my blog, Saijin's Rainbow Connection, where I study the ideal geometric model of the seven-pointed model or the septenary star. I share all of these models of the Sabian symbols as an experiment in conscious unfolding and expansion of thought.

What follows are my own reflections of each day's Septenary. Please visit today's Septenary to formulate you own meaning of significance. Namaste!

An Overview and Guide on the Daily FB Posts on my On the Shoulders of Giants page and my blog, Saijin’s Rainbow Connection at

The Septenary ~ A study of the 7-pointed star, the meeting place of the lower and higher elements, the idea of fate or subjective return to the center of self, the constant linking of self and the world in a cooperative manifestation.*

"Astrology is a science of relationships, and the frequently restated first key to its successful employment at any time is the realization that any factor or group of factors can be used absolutely, that is, wholly of and by themselves." Marc Edmund Jones, Pythagorean Astrology, Lesson XXV

Let us proceed to a study of this year’s septenary or daily seven-fold geometric model, seven-pointed star of the Sabian symbols. The 360 astrological degrees as developed by Dr. Marc Edmund Jones in collaboration with and channeled by Elsie May Wheeler in the spring of 1925* constitute a mandala of our annual journey, our orbit around the sun.

Overall Framework of Study:

By utilizing the ancient esoteric writing, The Emerald Tablet, Tablet III by Thoth, we adopt a ready and constant framework for our deeper reflections of the seven-pointed star and its associated astrological degrees derived from each solar degree ingress. These are our guides of understanding, the Seven Masters of Wisdom. They provide the context within which each revolving degree symbol may be most advantageously utilized in the solar day.

Color-coded Gems:

The seven-level chakra system is also made available for the additional insights it may provide. The color-coding is as follows: Red, root chakra; Orange, sacral chakra; Yellow, solar plexus; Green, heart chakra; Blue, throat chakra; Indigo, third-eye chakra; Purple, crown chakra. Thus, as the Master of Wisdom and the Sabian symbol message are activated, likewise there is opening to that related chakra point.

The Sabian Symbol degrees:

Based on the solar degree ingress for the day and the 52 degree points of separation composing the seven-pointed star, each of the symbols advance by one on a daily basis. The year begins at Capricorn 12 and completes at Capricorn 11. Each degree interpretation is an insightful look into the deeper meanings of each sign and degree of the zodiac.


Below for each day of the year are my own personal reflections based on my study of these daily Septenaries. I encourage you to read them and follow the links and contrast and compare your own reflections. Mine is an on-going work and study and will be revised and edited throughout time.


Each astrological degree is a link that directs to the WordPress blog for the day where all seven of the astrological degrees of the day’s septenary may be accessed. In addition there are other links provided to music and documents or sources for quotes.

Photos and images:

Credits and sources for images and photos have been provided. No copyright violation has been intended; rather, an honest attempt has been made to give credit where credit is due. Please contact me at to report any conflict of interest or to request an image to be removed.

I share this study with the world that the world might be enriched from these amazing Sabian symbols and other esoteric materials.

“Dare to be wise,” said Horace. “Begin!”

*"Therefore the number seven remains dean of the lower numbers, and in its capacity of fruition it merely brings things to pass exactly as their own nature may determine. The genius of the heptad or seven is social recognition. It is the spiritual number per se as shown in all the myriad sevenfold schemes in nature. It is the meeting place of the lower and higher elements. Its idea is fate or subjective return to the center of self. It shows the constant linking of self and the world in a co-operative manifestation." Marc Edmund Jones, Pythagorean Astrology, Lesson XIX, pg. 38​​